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From our home Operations Base at Nungwi Beach at the northern tip of Zanzibar, the whole Zanzibar Archipelago is available to explore.

"Zanzibar is a flat, palm-clad coral atoll surrounded by a shallow warm sea. Zanzibar is a paradise beach holiday vacation destination off the coast of east Africa"

Water temperatures average between 25 and 29 degrees C and visibility ranges from 20m to 60m (200ft). With conditions like this the world of Big 'Marine' Game will clearly be in view!


Zanzibar is an extremely interesting island with Stone Town the only functioning ancient town in East Africa. Stone Town is a World Heritage Site with loads of history and culture. 

Surrounding the main island of Zanzibar are a group of smaller islands to explore including Mnemba Island, Changuu Island, Bawe Island, Chumbe Island and many more!

There are also plenty of bars, restaurants and activities on Zanzibar to keep you occupied.


From swimming with the dolphins, long deserted idyllic beaches, sailing, deep-sea game fishing, cultural tours and spice plantations - Zanzibar is just another example of why you should consider Africa for your next yacht charter holiday.

Zanzibar Island Cruises


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