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Our home Operations Base is at Nungwi Beach at the northern tip of Zanzibar.

From here we can reach all the main destinations in Tanzania, which includes the Zanzibar Archipelago, the Mafia Archipelago and the Pemba Archipelago.

Cruise to the various islands off the coast of Tanzania includes the Zanzibar, Pemba, Kilwa, Songa and Mafia Archipelago.


We offer a range of different types of cruises. From scuba diving expeditions to deep sea fishing. From romantic honeymoon cruises to a general island hopping holiday with friends or family.


All cruises are flexible and nothing is set in stone. This means that we can design cruises that suit the needs and requests of the guests. You can go where you want to and when you want to, provided conditions and time allows. 


Once you charter our yachts, they are yours for the duration and you can decide what you want to do, though of course the Skipper and crew will advise on places to go, based on your interests. Much of this planning is done before you arrive, but it remains flexible to suit you during the charter.


The main cruising areas are around Zanzibar, North to Pemba Island or southwards to Kilwa, Songa and Mafia Archipelago.

  • Zanzibar Island

  • Pemba Archipelago

  • Mafia Archipelago Marine Park

  • Mnemba Island

  • Kilwa & Songa Archipelago

  • Latham Island

  • Chumbe Island Coral Marine Park

  • Changuu Island & Bawe Island

There are over 60 different islands to explore and we can tailor make any cruise to fit your time, taste and budget including a Sail and Safari combination!

Flexible Itineraries to suit your needs!

Mnemba Island

We cruise around the top of Zanzibar to Mnemba Island Atoll off the north-east coast of Zanzibar on our full day charters. 


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