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Our home Operations Base is at Pemba Bay and Ibo Island with all the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago are within reach by catamaran yacht.

Quirimbas  Archipelago Yacht charters, Sailing holidays and liveaboards to the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique.

"Charter a luxury yacht and cruise dozens of islands. Go scuba diving or fishing or just mess around on boats and go island hopping"


Scuba Diving, Fishing, Island Hopping, Exploring, Snorkeling, Beach BBQ's, Beach Walks, Beach Cocktails...


The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of over 30 islands, stretching north to south along the coastline of Northern Mozambique. There are 5 islands that have beach resorts or lodges on them and they are Ibo, Quilalea, Matemo, Medjumbe and Vamizi Island, with the other 27 islands remaining largely unexplored and uninhabited.  

Your cruise will take in most, if not all of the main islands, plus,  many other islands like uninhabited Mogundula.

The 32 islands that stretch some 200 miles along one of the most unexplored stretches of coastline in the world, the Quirimbas Archipelago is without doubt one of the best yacht charter destinations in the world. Most islands are uninhabited and all are blessed with white sandy beaches surrounded by a tropical Indian Ocean and a marine environment that has remained  vertially untouched. It is no wonder that these islands are being heralded as the new Seychelles.



The whole mainland coastline also remains completely unexplored, along with its many  coves, beaches and coral reef. Virtually unknown to the outside world, the indiginous people who inhabit the islands have quietly gone about their daily business. Local fishermen build Arab style dhows hand-hewn from trees. They navigate hundreds of kilometres of winding channels and mangrove lagoons casting their nets and lines much as they have done for the last 1000 years.


It is the 'undiscovered'  nature of these islands that make it so special. This is a place in the world where there are no cars, no roads, few hotels and therefore few tourists. This is a destination where you are unlikely to come across any other yachts on your cruise, so for the yachtsman looking for a very special location, this is it!

Quirimbas Archipelago


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